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Of all things technology related, the thing of interest to me this week is the whole notion of time, and the paradox of timesavers becoming timetakers (or is it just that we try to insert that many more “to do’s” into everyday?).  Or is it that our sense of time has warped?  A few more than a hundred years ago, it was nothing for a missive to take weeks to get from sender to recipient – all communication took time, even telegraphed.  Now I have a conniption if it takes ten seconds for the barcode scan to go through checking out books to a patron….sigh. 

 I think also, though, that technologically completed tasks – proper check-offs from the to do list – somehow don’t bear the same sense of accomplishment that the sight of a newly-emptied book cart, or straighted Fiction stacks, or a pile of catalogued and processed books brings to me. 

Is it just me, or does technology not save as much time as we’d hoped it would?  Do emails eat up far more time than intended?  Snags in online projects drag them out far beyond the allotted few minutes?  Do we accomplish more in less, or simply less? 

 This seems like such a downer post – I should have written about something fun, like craigslist or ebay or flickr again…. :0)


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