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One of the writing prompts for posting on Thing 7 was “How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology?”  First given that question, I had no immediate answer, but adding RSS feeds per the exercise, I soon enough stumbled upon an answer in the LIS News – Librarian and Information Science feed in a bold headline proclaiming: Public Libraries Told to Innovate or Die Out.  Hmmm, I guess that seems like a good enough use reason to me….  Suggestions given to the London-based libraries this directive was addressed to included “introducing a web-based lending service with home delivery and striking deals with Starbucks or Costa” and opening during evenings and all weekend.  This struck me as such a peculiarly relevant find considering the Listen Up! Vermont audio book consortium just took effect one week ago tomorrow. 

On a graver note regarding libraries and their use of RSS feed and technology, check out the Annoyed Librarian’s blogpost (http://annoyedlibrarian.blogspot.com/) from Wednesday, March 5.  Particularly interesting in light of London’s dictate to their public libraries and what might now comprise professional activities….


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