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It was much easier to forgive my ineptitude at ten than it is now at double and a half that. Many comments regarding “The 7 1/2 Habits of Successful Lifelong Learners” were that the principles were kind of no-brainers, or at least natural to people in the librarian profession, which is probably true. I am an addict to learning. An addict to new thoughts. An addict to ideas, theories, stories, words, re-tellings of old stories. But learning hurts now in a way that it never has before (literally, too – I peeled the skin off my finger and bruised my leg last week trying to teach myself how to play the spoons…. :0P). It used to be that I felt I had years and years to not only learn, but to become proficient at those learnings. My age is accumulating, but my proficiencies are not, and the “Jack-of-all-trades” quip is starting to rub a little whenever I think of it.

Maybe, however, I am approaching it all the wrong way – maybe the proficient or non-proficient designation isn’t the point at all. Maybe it is the joy of the experience which ought not be dependent on the end – I did have a mighty fine time with those soup spoons….


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